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We are an accredited construction company in Houston, Texas. Not only do we specialize in residential and commercial insulation, roofing and waterproofing, we also provide residential patio construction. We are expert patio builders providing high-quality patio covers, pergolas, screen rooms and sunrooms.

Houston Screen Rooms

We specialize in Houston screen rooms as well as other outdoor patio enclosures such as sunrooms.  Both types of enclosures allow homeowners and their guests to experience the great outdoors without being directly exposed to the elements. Like any room, a sunroom or screen room can be designed and decorated according to its owner’s taste. In fact, we work closely with each of our clients to ensure that their rooms turn out precisely as imagined.

Common Features of Screen Rooms and Sunrooms


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In general, Houston screen rooms are both built as attachments to existing structures. They have solid roofs that can be designed to match the color and texture of the existing house’s roof. They have some other common features as well:

Structural supports that stand on an existing or new foundation
Option to build with or without a kneewall
Protection from pests like mosquitoes
Can be built on a deck or concrete slab
Tile or carpeted floors
Protection from rain and direct sunlight
Customized construction materials, colors and styles
Lighting and wiring for 24-hour ease-of-use


There are some key distinctions between sunrooms and screen rooms. While some of these might seem obvious, others are more subtle.

For starters, screen rooms are enclosed by meshed screens that allow air to flow freely through the room. Homeowners and guests who sit in screen rooms can hear birds, insects and animals without being exposed to rain, direct sunlight or mosquitoes. However, screen rooms can still become uncomfortably cold or hot over time.

By contrast, sunrooms can be fully enclosed, climate-controlled and even insulated. In fact, sunrooms can be used at any time of the day or year. After a few months in their new sunrooms, many of our clients completely forget that these spaces are actually added-on structures.

At Lone Star, we have developed a reputation for using the finest materials and techniques to construct durable, memorable outdoor structures for homeowners across Texas. We specialize in designing and building Houston screen rooms, pergolas, outdoor kitchens and patio covers. We are also capable of customizing virtually any outdoor space.

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