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A Patio Cover can make all the difference in the world regarding your comfort when being outdoors. We are an accredited outdoor patio construction company located in Houston, Texas. We build high-quality, affordable patio covers, pergolas, screen rooms and outdoor kitchens.

Outdoor Patio Ceiling Fan

Outdoor Patio Ceiling Fans

Outdoor Patio Ceiling Fans

Often overlooked by improvement-minded homeowners in favor of flashier design elements, outdoor ceiling fans are one of several classic property features that can add tremendous value and utility to the space that they occupy. At Lone Star, we can install outdoor-rated ceiling fans in a wide variety of settings. These fixtures are especially popular in partially-covered areas like poolside alcoves, outdoor kitchens, sunrooms and screen rooms. Relative to the cost of retaining a professional electrician after the construction process has been completed, it is far cheaper to install a ceiling fan during an outdoor structure’s initial construction phase.

Stay Cool in the Texas Heat

On top of their aesthetic appeal, outdoor ceiling fans are a virtual necessity in Texas’ subtropical climate. Many homeowners who retain us to install a ceiling fan in a new structure rave about the fixture’s ability to make hot, humid summer days bearable. In fact, outdoor ceiling fans may dramatically increase the attractiveness of the spaces that they grace.

Damp-Rated and Wet-Rated Ceiling Fans

Although there are many different types of outdoor ceiling fans, most of these fixtures fall into one of two broad categories: damp-rated and wet-rated. “Damp-rated” outdoor ceiling fans are designed to withstand high levels of ambient humidity and can typically be used in fully-covered sunrooms and screen rooms. However, damp-rated fans cannot safely be exposed to running liquid water.

It is important to note that many indoor ceiling fans are not damp-rated. At Lone Star, we strongly advise against installing regular indoor fans in any sort of outdoor environment. Since hot air is capable of holding more moisture than room-temperature air, indoor-rated fans that are exposed to the height of a Texas summer may fail prematurely.

Homeowners who wish to install a ceiling fan in a partially-covered space like a latticed patio, pool deck, outdoor kitchen or pergola should opt for a “wet-rated” fan that can withstand rain and wind. These fixtures are completely sealed and can continue to operate in harsh outdoor environments for years on end.

Learn About the Perks of Ceiling Fans for Patio Covers and Pergolas

At Lone Star, we build metal and wooden outdoor structures like pergolas, patio covers, screen rooms, sunrooms and outdoor kitchens. We have full accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and take care to use only the finest building materials and techniques. We have created inviting outdoor spaces for hundreds of homeowners across Texas and enjoy the support of dozens of repeat customers.

To learn more about the outdoor structures and fixtures that we offer, call us at 281-773-1255 and ask for a free quote from one of our outdoor design experts.

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