Residential and Commercial Insulation, Patio Construction, and Roofing

We are an accredited construction company in Houston, Texas. Not only do we specialize in residential and commercial insulation, roofing and waterproofing, we also provide residential patio construction. We are expert patio builders providing high-quality patio covers, pergolas, screen rooms and sunrooms.

Custom Columns

Custom Support Columns for Patio Covers and Pergolas

Many of our clients believe that a well-constructed outdoor patio cover or pergola is not complete without sturdy, aesthetically-pleasing columns to complement it. Fortunately, we are fully capable of constructing a wide range of customized columns to enhance the appearance and solidity of our outdoor structures. Although we are happy to adorn these structures with standard aluminum or steel supports, many of our clients prefer columns that highlight the natural attributes of their properties and form lasting impressions in the minds of visitors and neighbors.

How Custom Columns Can Enhance Your Space

There are a few clear reasons to incorporate custom columns into a newly-built pergola, patio cover or other outdoor structure. First, they enhance the overall appearance of the structure. Many customers prefer column styles that match the unique designs of their structures’ roofs. This creates a sense of cohesiveness and taste that guests and neighbors are sure to notice.

Custom columns can also increase the resale value of the properties that they grace. This is especially true for properties that feature existing columns on their main houses, guest houses or other outbuildings. Patio covers and pergolas with columns that mirror the styles of these older structures can dramatically increase the curb appeal of a property and expedite the often-stressful sales process.

Available Options

Our customized columns come in a dizzying array of designs and can be constructed from several different “base” materials. These include:

  • Brick: Our customized columns can feature solid brick bases, solid brick supports, or brick outer layers that surround a different type of core.
  • Wood: As one of our most popular custom choices, our wood columns can be created from cedar, maple and other wood strains. They can also be sanded and stained to mirror the look and feel of the covers that they support.
  • Alumiwood: This type of custom column ensures visual consistency with our Alumiwood patio covers and pergolas. This type of material always comes coated with our impermeable Kynar finish.
  • Roman-style: Our attractive, sturdy Roman-style posts instill a sense of awe in visitors and often match the aesthetics of our clients’ main houses.

Speak With a Lone Star Representative to Learn More

At Lone Star, we pride ourselves on selecting the finest materials and employing only the most cutting-edge techniques in our pursuit of high-quality outdoor construction. We specialize in creating patio covers, pergolas, sunrooms, outdoor kitchens and screen rooms for clients in the Houston area and beyond. Thanks to the quality of our workmanship, we enjoy high customer satisfaction ratings, dozens of repeat customers, and full accreditation from the national chapter of the Better Business Bureau.

For more information about the structures that we can create, contact us as 281-773-1255 and ask to speak with a seasoned building consultant.

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